Open Menu By Proxy 2023 iCloud Remove ALL MACOS T2 /M1/M2 /M3 By HFZ Team


 Permanent Unlock iCloud on Any iPhone/iPad Open Menu iOS 17/16/15 and lower with Hfz Open Menu Proxy.


▶️ Full Detailed Tutorial:

New Hfz Open Menu Proxy Method, for Permanent Unlock FMI OFF (2023)


Exclusive: No iCloud Backup Required, No PET Token Just Fast Simple Proxy Unlock.



-Open Menu Only.(Have Access to Device Settings)⚙️

-Device must in trust list

-All Models iPhone/iPads upto iOS 17.xx & lower & All MacBook Open Menu T2/M3/M2/M1 etc.

-iCloud Storage Must Load

-Game Center can turn on & off easily without asking iCloud Password.


❌ Not supported:

-Already Bypassed Device

-Storage Not Showing/Loading.

-Game Center can't turn on or off (Asking password)

-Owner Password already changed.

-Hello Screen Activation




Open menu Proxy 2023 by HFZ Team 


1- Place order in server with  UDID 

2- Follow the given process

3- Once setup is completed server will auto reply with FMI off message




1. Go-to WI-FI, but don't connect. press on small ( i ) and go-to about of the WI-FI account


2. Scroll down and press Configure Proxy > select Manual 


3. Server: 

Port: 8888

Url Proxy:


Only Registered iDevice´s ✅

   enter the given digits, once enter done, save it press on back and press on Join This Network


4. Open Safari ~>   (enter this on search bar)


5. Press on FiddlerRoot certificate and press allow. 


6. Go-to Settings > General > scroll down and go-to VPN & Device Management > press under downloaded profile > install it


7. Go back to general > press on about > scroll down and press on Certificate Trust Settings > and turn on _FiddlerRoot  >  press continue


8. Again go Back > press on apple ID > iCloud > go-to Game Center and tun it on & off 5 times


Delivery time: Miniutes

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: Custom

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API