OpenMenu Proxy FMI=OFF - iPhone SE2GEN/XS/XS MAX/XR/11/11 PRO/11 PRO MAX/12/MINI/12PRO/12PROMAX [ Without Jailbreak ] ⚡️API⚡️


DO not skip any stip 

To let this service work please first setup proxy!

1)Open wifi settings > "i" >set proxy > manuall >


Port: 8886

2)Open Safari on iPhone and visit website to get certificaty prompt

3)Download certifiate (If step 1 not done then will not appear download prompt)

4)Go to settings > Downloaded profiles > click certificate > install

5)Go to settings>general>about>Certificate Trust Settings(last option)>turn on certificate DO_NOT_TRUST_Fiddlerroot .

6)To get UDID visit website or check it in iTunes/3uTools

7)Open iCloud Storage page, wait till storage load.

8)Make order, in device field enter UDID number.

9)Wait for reply from website in orders section

10)After get reply OFF please use free fmip check on website to make sure FMiP is OFF. After all turn off wifi and put out simcard from device then restore device to factory settings. DON'T RESTORE BACKUP!

*Service not work for bypassed device.


Delivery time: Instant

Bulk orders allowed: Yes

Order type: Custom

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API